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Vice President

Kids Painting Class

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Review and understand DCP’s bylaws, policies and procedures, financial and legal situation, and strategic plan.

  • Work with the Treasurer and Board to create a budget for the school (June/July/August) 

  • Assist the President

  • Preside over Board and General Membership meetings in the absence of the president.

  • Present to the Board a draft of the calendar for the upcoming school year in May (March/April/May)

  • Maintain an accurate Board, Chair, Teacher, Administrator, and Office Manager roles/duties list (December/January/February)

  • Publish a monthly DCP newsletter (solicit entries from board members, committee chairs and teachers one week in advance)

  • Chair the nominating committee (January/February/March)

  • Monitor procedures in bylaws

  • Work with the Secretary to update member handbooks and present to the board before May

  • Develop and mentor new members

  • Ensure DCP accomplishes tasks to meet its overall goals

  • Step in as a substitute when a leader resigns until position is filled 

  • DCP Website management

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