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DCP Has Two Classrooms

23-24 Registration and Pricing

Selection of Sessions:

​Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.​ Member Registration begins February 1st. Open Registration for the community begins at our annual February Open House. Delaware Cooperative Preschool is committed to providing students and families with equal opportunity to programs/education without discrimination based on race, color, veteran status, religion, national origin, political affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, or age. Classes are offered based on a minimum enrollment size.



Membership Fee: $60 per family

Session Fees: 

TODDLER TIME: $634 for each session 

PRESCHOOL: $713 for each session
*Please see tuition examples provided.

Cleaning Fee: $30 per child


Background Check Fee: $65 per person if completed at DCP's Meet the Teacher Night. Once completed, a background check remains valid for 5 years if volunteering at least once every six months.


Withdrawal:  If you must withdraw your child, you must provide a 30-day written explanation for withdrawal and are responsible for paying tuition for 30 days following the notice. There will be no refunds after March 1st.

*Tuition Examples

Toddler Time Example: Toddler Time is designed to be a 1-day a week experience. 1 day / 1 session=  $634 yearly. 


Preschool Example 1: 

You select a 3 day a week schedule (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), which equals 3 sessions. TUITION: 3 sessions x $713= $2,139 yearly.


Preschool Example 2: 

You wish for your child to have a full-day preschool experience. You select Tuesday and Thursday morning and afternoon (9:15AM -2:15PM), which would equal 4 sessions. TUITION: 4 sessions x $713= $2,852 yearly.


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