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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Minutes: Keep thorough and accurate minutes of Board and general membership meetings ​Minutes should have enough information to help absent directors, members, and staff understand what issues were discussed and what decisions were made. ​Minutes should be guided by Robert’s Rules of Order and should include:

  1. date, time, location of meeting

  2. list of those present and absent

  3. list of reports presented

  4. text of motions presented and description


  • Distribute GMM meeting minutes to members

  • Share minutes with Board of Directors for approval before the time of the next regularly scheduled meeting

  • Make minutes available for review by members upon request

  • Be knowledgeable of the DCP’s bylaws, policies, and procedures

  • Work with president to update/revise bylaws and present to the board for approval

  • Create and distribute a directory of staff, board members, and committee chairs

  • Work with the vice president to revise parent handbook and present for approval at July board meeting (December/January/February)

  • Maintain and update school bulletin boards

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