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Calendar and Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

July 6

For our July 6 Board Meeting, we will be meeting at our Vice Presidents studio, Atelier, 46 N Sandusky St Suite 202, in downtown Delaware. Everyone is welcome and invited to join us! All new members (and returning!) are encouraged to join the Board at 6pm. This will allow us to get acquainted with each other, meet other cooperative members, ask any questions you may have, etc. The board meeting will follow promptly at 7pm.

August 1

Tuition payments will be due on the first of each month beginning on August 1st, and the final tuition payment is due on April 1 2024. This change will be visible on July 1st in your Jovial Family Portal. Tuition payments may be made in your Jovial Family Portal.

August 3

Board Meeting, 7pm

August 28

Meet the Teacher Picnic, 5:30-7:30pm Location to be determined. More info to follow.

September 7

Board Meeting, 7pm

September 11

First day of school

September 14

General Membership Meeting, 6:30pm

October 5

Board Meeting, 7pm

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