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Volunteer Coordinator

Drawing Class
  • Recruit members to chair committees (August/September and April/May)
    Make sure that all committee chairs have all of the information they will need to complete their work/training for their committees

  • Oversee volunteer recruitment and ensure that committee chairs have appropriate support in completing their tasks

  • Ensure that all committees have a chairperson (September)
    Act as Board/Committee Liaison between 5 active committees: Social-Fundraising-Advertising-Cleaning-Educational Programming

  • Develop an understanding of all the responsibilities of DCP’s committees (August)

  • Provide/maintain a list of tasks for each committee chair

  • Communicate a timeline of task completion for each committee chair

  • Manage committees to ensure that tasks are being completed in a timely manner.

  • As needed, ensure that reports from each committee are provided to the Board of Directors for each regularly scheduled meeting

  • Hold an orientation for committee chairs in August/September

  • Approve committee communications to membership and community

  • Provide regular and accurate recognition to active members

  • Educate members about the duties of parents in a coop (September)

  • Work with the president to create and distribute summer mailer (June/July/August)

  • Work with president and social committee to organize meet the teachers night (June/July/August)

  • Ensure proper thank yous are given to supporters of DCP

  • Maintain clean and orderly bulletin boards

  • Facilitate the distribution of scholarship funds, when available

Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Information

Follow this link to learn more information about Committee Chairs, the different committees and their duties.

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