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  • Review and understand the organization's articles of incorporation and bylaws, policies and procedures, financial and legal situation, and strategic plan. (May/June)

  •  Lead staff and members in creating a positive experience for the children and families of DCP

  • Act as a spokesperson to the larger community

  • Oversee/Facilitate new board member orientation (May/June)

  • Ensure that Board members have the information they need to complete their work

  • Work with Licensing Administrator to ensure compliance with all applicable rules to parent cooperative child care center

  • Work with Treasurer and Board to create a budget for the school (May-August)

  • Review/revise/sign/distribute contracts (May/June)

  • Review/revise/sign lease (March/April/May-biannually)

  • Work with Board and Administrator to prepare enrollment forms (November/December/January)

  • Create and distribute welcome letter and orientation packets for members with Administrator (June/July)

  • Work with VP and Administrator to ensure all member documents and links are current on website (June-August)

  • Lead a team in the hiring of staff members

  • Prepare the agenda for all Board and General Membership meetings. Distribute one day prior to meeting

  • Share agenda with members before the Board and General Membership meetings

  • Recruit board members whose vision aligns with DCP’s mission (recruitment ads begin in December)

  • Organize Meet the Teachers night (August)

  • Organize and present at General Membership meetings

  • Maintain a list of usernames and passwords

  • Communicate regularly with DCP staff and leaders

  • Maintain key and password to church for entering and exiting and pass on to new President through church (June/July)

  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator and Social Committee on beginning and end of year picnics (August/September and April/May)

  • Provide calendar to church to maintain meetings times and dates for DCP (June)

  • Work with the Secretary to update/revise bylaws

  • Sign and submit yearly taxes (September/October/November)

  • Ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed and returned to the Internal Revenue Service (September/October/November)

  • Help raise funds for DCP

  • Maintain DCP’s visibility in the community

  • Set high standards for Board conduct and intervene if conflicts of interest or confidentiality issues arise

  • Ensure that Board resolutions are carried out

  • Maintain Bureau of Worker's Compensation Policy with help of payroll services provider

  • Contact teacher and parent regarding withdrawal prior to board meeting presentation to confirm understanding between board, teacher, and member (as needed)

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