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23/24 School Year
Information Center

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Teachers and Staff…

Welcome (back) to DCP!

As a DCP member and cooperative owner, you will play an active role in your child’s early educational experience and be involved in the decision making processes utilized to operate the cooperative this school year.

Step 1 - Download your 23/24 Checklist here

2324 Checklist (6).jpg

23/24 School Supply List

DCP was founded on a spirit of volunteerism

This foundational element is a key reason DCP is so unique. In addition to participating in your child’s classroom experiences, your committee and fundraising work will help sustain and grow the preschool.


The following material will help prepare your family for the 23-24 school year at DCP. As you work your way through these items, please feel free to reach out with any questions:

Step 2- Schedule a Medical Physical for You and Your Child

For You- If you are the designated household volunteer/committee member you will need to complete a medical physical and ODJFS Employee Medical Statement for Child Care. 


For Your Child- This form is based around your child's birthdate. If you attended DCP for the 22/23 school year and your child has not since had a birthday your form is up to date. If you are a new family and your child has already received their annual/well child exam, contact your physician about completing this form. If your child has a birthday during the summer or early September, you will need to arrange for an annual exam/well child visit by the first day of school and submit to DCP a new ODJFS Child Medical Statement for Child Care  

Both of these forms can be downloaded and submitted in your Jovial Family Portal.

Step 3- Record Dates and Complete Required Tasks

May 1, 2023
Signup for Background Checks and Create OCCRRA account

Sign up for your Background Check by May 1st at the signup link in your Jovial Family Portal. Background checks will occur on-site at the DCP Community Day on Saturday, May 6 from 9am-12pm. One free background check/family. Background Checks on this date will be FREE to you, background checks at a later date will be $65 per person. If you have completed a background check within the last 5 years and have filed it previously with DCP, you do not need to complete this step. Time slots may be reserved via the Signup form posted on your Jovial Family Portal.

Create an account/profile in the Ohio Professional Registry - OCCRRA by May 1st.

May 6, 2023
Background Checks at DCP during the DCP Community Day Event

Where Wolfe Intelligence will be at our DCP Community Day from 9am-12pm to complete background checks for the designated volunteering caregiver of your household.

DCP is covering the cost of the background check for one person per family at this event. If you don't get your background check done during this event, the cost is $65 per person at a later date to be determined. 

Please bring your completed form and drivers license. 

Sign up for your background check at the signup link in your Jovial Family Portal, signup coming soon.


If you choose not to complete your BCI and FBI background check at a DCP organized check, you can complete the process by following these steps:

Please go to an authorized WebCheck agency to submit your fingerprints for both BCI and FBI background checks. 

When speaking to the WebCheck agent, inform them you are a child care owner. Use code 5104.013 An Employee, Owner, Licensee, Administrator, or Person Residing in a Type A or B Home, or an In-Home Aide. Request the WebCheck Agent choose “Child Care Center Type A/ODJFS” from their Direct Copy List. 

(The electronic results will be delivered directly to ODJFS.) 

Complete the fingerprint process as directed by the WebCheck agent. 

June 30, 2023
OCCRRA Non-Ratio Employee Request is Due - Part 1 of 2

Please complete this step if you are the designated volunteer/committee member for your household. In order to submit this request, you must have already completed the following: 


  • Your profile in the Ohio Professional Registry

  • Submitted your ODJFS Employee Medical Statement for Childcare to DCP

  • Your criminal background check 


To submit your request follow these steps:


  • Log in to your OCCRRA account at

  • In the top right corner, press the drop down arrow beside your name. 

  • Select “Request Background Check” from the drop down box. 

  • Review the Request for Background Check Guide (here).

  • Review the information on the digital JFS 01175 form, and continue using the “Next Section” buttons until you have correctly and honestly filled out the form. 

Program Search Page: 


  • Search for Delaware Cooperative Preschool. Our “Program number” is 410308. When DCP shows in the “program search results” area, select the toggle button in front of the program, and then select the blue “Add” button on the right. 

  • Type in your name as an electronic signature and select the toggle button for “I agree to terms and conditions.” 

  • Choose the “Submit” button to submit your background check request form. 


ODJFS will complete and review all necessary checks. 


OPR will notify DCP that the background check is completed.


OPR will send you an email notifying you that your background check results are available. You can log into your OCCRRA account to verify that you have been approved. 


QUESTIONS: Contact Office Manager/Administrator, Jen Rahde-

July 15, 2023
OCCRRA Non-Ratio Employee Request- Part 2 of 2

Once you have been notified by Ohio Professional Registry (OPR) that your background check results are available, log into your OCCRRA account to verify that you have been approved. Then please follow the step by step instructions provided in the PDF (here) to complete this request.


QUESTIONS: Contact Office Manager/Administrator, Jen Rahde-

Monday, Aug 28, 2022

Meet the Teacher Pizza Picnic


Delaware State Park Dam Site Shelter Area

Delaware State Park- Dam site shelter area. Join us for a fun filled evening. Pack a picnic or order a pizza through DCP. Your child will meet and play with their new classmates. 

Please bring 1 4x6 family picture for the school entryway display. You will meet the teachers, staff and board of directors.

Our Office Manager/Administrator, Jen Rahde, will be in attendance for the first hour to answer any questions you have about forms, Jovial, etc. 

Aug 29, 30, & 31

New Student Orientation for Preschool

9-11:30am at DCP

Visit DCP and enjoy a little one on one time with your child(ren) in the preschool room with Ms. Sarah & Ms. Mindy. Orientations are done by appointment. 

Schedule your appointment at the signup link in your Jovial Family Portal for the preschool room.



Friday, Sept 1, 2023
Volunteer Date Selections are Due

DCP requires at least 1 volunteering caregiver per household to serve as an in-class volunteer. Members who have not completed their volunteer schedule by this date will be assigned. 


We request if your child is attending 1 day/session of Toddler Time that you register 5 dates to volunteer. If your child is attending 2 days/sessions per week we ask that you register for 5 dates per session (10 total). SIGN UP COMING SOON!


We request each Preschool volunteer to register for at least 2 dates per session your child is attending. Please follow these examples to register correctly.


Example A- Your child is attending the following schedule: Tuesday AM / PM and Thursday AM / PM 

We ask that you register to volunteer for 2- Tuesday morning sessions, 2- Tuesday afternoon sessions, 2- Thursday morning sessions and 2- Thursday afternoon sessions (8 total dates).


Example B- Your child is attending the following schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday AM

We ask that you register to volunteer for 2- Monday, 2- Wednesday and 2- Friday morning sessions (6 total dates).


We kindly ask that if you have a multi-day schedule you do not pick only one day from your schedule and book all of your volunteer dates on the same day of the week. If you do so, that will prohibit another parent from fulfilling their requested schedule and potentially leave a classroom without a volunteer.

SIGN UP COMING SOON in your Jovial Family Portal!

QUESTIONS: Contact DCP Board of Directors at

Sept 11-15, 2023
First Week of the 23/24 School Year

Please bring all school supplies on the first day your child(ren) attend class.

Event Details

Thursday, Sept 14, 2023
September General Membership Meeting

At least 1 parent/guardian per household must attend.

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