Parent Membership & Involvement 

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Enrolling a child in one of DCP’s classes establishes your membership and requires you to:

  • ​Attend 2-3 General Membership Meetings 
  • Help with fundraising event
  • Serve on a committee and use your talents to help sustain and grow the preschool

Delaware Cooperative Preschool, DCP, was founded in 1984 by parents who wanted to play an active role in their child’s early education. The founding members established a non-profit and non-denominational cooperative with a spirit of volunteerism. 

DCP is committed to providing students and families with equal opportunity to education without discrimination based on race, color, veteran status, religion, national origin, political affiliation, sex, sexual orientation or age. 

DCP offers parents an opportunity to work with our teachers to enhance their role as their child’s primary educators while their children gain social and cognitive skills in a nurturing, child-centered, and joyful environment. 

Additionally, as part of a cooperative preschool, parents have a unique opportunity to work closely with the teachers in the classroom and help create the kind of learning environment they would like for their children. The result is an educational environment that is rewarding for parents and children alike. Our classrooms offer a safe, accepting environment in which your little ones can explore, share, play, and communicate with children their own age. 

As members of DCP, parents are welcomed in the classroom and in the decision-making processes that maintain the staff, finances, and policies of DCP. A Board of Directors, composed of member volunteers, is elected yearly.


DCP officially announced the suspension of our 20/21 school year on July 21st. A school calendar will be published upon our return.

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